Female Supremacist,
Lifestyle Dominant, Professional Dominatrix and Owner of slaves

Ringwood - Hampshire

As you may be aware I am a ‘Pro Lifestyle Dominatrix’ and subscribe to the philosophy of Female Supremacy. For all the dim-witted amongst you this means I live My everyday life as a Dominant Woman, superior to the miserable males who bestow gifts and monetary tribute upon Me. I have a beautiful property on the New Forest border in Hampshire, which thanks to My team of highly skilled solicitors I now legally own outright! I still graciously provide a roof  over My ex husband’s head and allow him to reside at the property but on the strict understanding he is subservient and submissive to me at all times. Which effectively means he is MY slave. A delightful and mutually rewarding arrangement I feel, hahahaha! 

My home is set in within an acre of private grounds, affording excellent seclusion for Me to indulge in all manner of perverted outdoor activities. I would say My favourite pastime has to be humiliating and abusing the submissive male. I enjoy ‘Animal Role-play’ and have a Pig Ark in the grounds for those of you who fantasise of being Mistress Vanita’s personal little piglet. I find it most arousing and amusing to transform you into a dumb creature and to see you rolling around in the mud, kissing My boots in a vain attempt to please Me. I also have Stables for ‘Pony Play‘, and a highly secure and solid External Cage for those of you who are brave enough to submit yourself for a ‘Real Imprisonment’ experience. Imprisonment stays are not for the faint hearted as I’m a sadistic bitch and keep slaves naked, under lock and key for the duration of their stay. Meals consist of dry bread and water with the occasional treat of leftover scraps from My dinner plate. Any slave who is found to have soiled himself in his cell will be hosed down via a high powered pressure washer! I am a cruel disciplinarian who derives great pleasure from watching your discomfort, so be warned, imprisonment stays are a harsh experience and only for those seeking absolute degradation!

I also have a well fitted ‘BDSM ‘Studio’ within the grounds. There is a state of the art fucking machine imported from ‘Shockspot’ in the USA, I’ve had it coupled with a ‘Stockade’ making a wonderful piece of bespoke equipment highly effective in keeping you in position whilst the machine goes to work. I love this machine and derive great enjoyment from watching you squirm, squeal, plead and cry as I  program the length of stroke, speed and duration. Rest assured you will be relentlessly and ruthlessly fucked like the little whore you are! Other furniture include a medical bed for My CBT interests and another strong cage for confinement and doggy play.

My implements include an E-Stim Electrics System, Sounds, Suction Cups, Nipple Clamps, Fleshlight, Blindfolds, Gags, Butt Plugs, Dildos, Canes, Whips, Floggers, Riding Crops, Paddles, Sensory Deprivation Hoods, Gas Mask, Pin Wheels, Wax, Poppers and much more. 

Another favourite passion of Mine, after humiliating men and shopping for shoes is sunbathing by the Swimming Pool. This provides endless opportunities for the sissy’s and maids amongst you to wait on Me. I require imaginative servants to purchase, prepare and serve refreshments and culinary delights throughout the day. I just love fresh locally purchased ingredients and Champagne, Oh how I love Champagne, so bear that in mind. My very special and highly privileged slaves will provide body massage, foot rubs and pedicures whilst the unfortunates will be collared and consigned to gardening duties, down on their hands and knees in the dirt out of  sight.

The following are some other activities which I also enjoy immensely. Ballbusting, Bottom Worship, Bondage, Restraint, CBT, Electrics, Enforced Bisexuality, Face-slapping, Spitting, Foot, Boot, Shoe, Leg Worship, Flogging, Caning, Whipping, Corporal Punishment Nipple Torture, Queening, Face Sitting, Sensory Deprivation, Shaving, Strap-on & Dildo Play, Trampling, Water Sports and Waxing.

Applications will be submitted via e-mail for evening and weekend appointments. 

Deposit is required. 

 It is extremely important that you inform Me of any medical conditions you may have!

Latest News
2nd until 7th December:

26th November
Club Pedestal at Fire in London
Applications for the following positions are invited from those who are able to accompany Me:
Foot massager
Foot stool
General lackey
Anyone unable to attend but wishing to contribute to My evening will contact Me via My website. 

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