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For those of you who already realise just what a worthless, disgusting and lowly creature you are and would like to live your life as you really should then My Dehumanization Program will be ideal for you. Experience life as one of My pet pigs within the grounds of My secluded garden. A cosy, straw lined, purpose built Pig Ark awaits and is ideal for resting, sleeping, mating, etc and provides a degree of shelter from the elements.


My pigs wear their piggy masks 24/7 along with a curly pig tail butt plug that is inserted into their anus on arrival. Butt plugs remain inserted throughout the duration of the stay and removed ONLY for defecation. Any pig found to have removed his mask or butt plug will incur a severe beating with My Single Tail Whip.

I cater for all types of pigs from weaners through to pork weight and right up to the overweight fat boar who should have been taken to the slaughter house years ago. Rest assured, I keep My piggies as pets and have no plans to slaughter and butcher them on the premises, however I can easily arrange for any unruly or boisterous porkers to be taken to the local abattoir!!


                      No human conversation is permitted. Any communication between pigs is by grunting and oinking only.


     Dehumanization, Pig Stay Tribute:

£500 Per Day



Feeding takes place twice a day and meals consist of dry bread, vegetable peelings and any leftover scraps. Water is be available from the trough.

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