Female Supremacist,
Lifestyle Dominant, Professional Dominatrix and Owner of slaves

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I am a Lifestyle Pro Dominatrix with a passion for manipulating and exploiting spineless males. Bossy and uncompromising, I just adore the process of breaking a man and reducing him to quivering wreck, grinding him into the dirt beneath My beautiful heels. Of course I wouldn’t want to soil any of My best pairs in the process. My Roberto Cavali, Gucci and Carvella’s are far too gorgeous to ruin on the carcass of a mere male. Apart from shoes I also love Perfume and find it invaluable when dealing with the male pig. It seems to confuse their microscopic brain and submerges them into a semi hypnotic state of mind, making them completely receptive to my commands. Poor creatures, they don’t stand a chance really! ‘J'Adore’ by Christian Dior, ‘The One’ by Dolce&Gabbana are a few of My favourites.

All this may sound that I am a complete man hater but this is most certainly not the case. In fact I like them very much and to have a nice thick cock in My hands, throbbing and dripping with anticipation makes My cute little clitoris tingle with excitement. Having their brain located in their pants does make them rather basic and dim-witted creatures, responding best to being treated like a pet dog and kept down at a Woman’s feet. Others of course need a firmer hand and have to be beaten and abused regularly to keep them in their place! I do not partake in sexual intercourse with males but My pleasures do incorporate:

Ballbusting, Bottom Worship, Bondage, Restraint, CBT, Electrics, Enforced Bisexuality, Face-slapping, Spitting, Foot, Boot, Shoe, Leg Worship, Flogging, Caning, Whipping, Corporal Punishment Nipple Torture, Queening, Face Sitting, Sensory Deprivation, Shaving, Strap-on & Dildo Play, Trampling, Water Sports and Waxing.

Latest News

I am going to be in Germany from 20th to 22nd November and I will be attending the Avalon Residenz!

I am very much looking forward to it and I will be updating My twitter regularly about My trip!

Note: this is a very special treat for one of My most dedicated slaves and I will NOT be taking any appointment, however, I do plan to go back to Germany. It will be announced here!


Sissy maids required to clean My beautiful home! 

Read My 'maid training' under Sessions and apply now!

I look forward to having you bitch on your knees scrubbing My floor!


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